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There’s never a great time to lose your car keys, and whilst it’s something that’s never planned for, many people do however plan to get a spare key cut but just never get round to arranging it - And you can bet that when it does happen you’ll be short of both time and cash. It’s worth noting that a replacement car key will always be cheaper when you still have a fully functioning key that we can work from.

The price of a new key will depend on several factors such as the age and type of the vehicle, the type of key you require standard, remote, flip etc so please call us for a no obligation chat to obtain the best price for your replacement key

A1 Unlock Auto Locksmiths will always make you a considerable saving over alternative main dealer options and also save you on time and cash required to recover your vehicle to their workshop. You can be confident our prices are competitive - People always like to get the best price possible and understandably like to get a few quotes before making a booking. This is why we constantly aim to give you the best possible price we can.

If you have been quoted let us know we may be able to beat it “The cheapest option is not always the best option! You can buy a new TV for £70 but it won’t have the same picture quality as a slightly more expensive trusted brand option. The same is true with auto locksmiths – If you spend long enough calling around you can probably find a lower price, but trying to save £10 on a new key could end up costing you up to £1000 if an inexperienced locksmith with cheap copy equipment blows up your car’s engine control unit” We guarantee a fair price, a top quality key, respect for your car and a great level of customer service.

Remember – We never take cash up front and the price you are quoted on the phone is the price you pay! Call 07766086008 now and discuss your car key requirements